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In her books, Pam provides tactical and candid advice from successful women, addressing issues in the workplace and at home. "My Mother, My Mentor" combines personal accounts with an independent study to provide useful and actionable information.

My Mother, My Mentor:
What Grown Children of Working Mothers Want You to Know

This book will give ​working mothers the confidence that they can pursue a career while raising healthy, successful children. In My Mother, My Mentor: What Grown Children of Working Mothers Want You to Know, author Pamela F Lenehan combines stories and research on children of working mothers. Using interviews and an independent survey, Lenehan delves into recollections of the mothers and now-grown children to understand what worked well and what issues working mothers need to consider. These narratives also illustrate what the mother and children thought about the best ways to spend their time together.


In My Mother, My Mentor working mothers and their grown children relate their different views of what success means to them. The data show that the children of working mothers graduate from college, are employed, in committed relationships, have children, and are just as happy as children whose mothers stayed at home.


Useful and informational, My Mother, My Mentor communicates that not only did the children of working mothers survive having a working mother, they thrived in an environment where mothers provided their children a strong work ethic, taught them resilience, and continued as a sounding board long into adulthood.



What You Don't Know and Your Boss Won't Tell You:
Advice from Senior Female Executives on What You Need to Succeed


In her book, Pam provides tactical and candid advice from successful executives, addressing issues that few bosses will discuss. From unspoken social taboos to managing your career, the book provides insight into critical skills for professional success.

Learn to:

  • Actively manage your career

  • Find leadership opportunities and good mentors

  • Communicate in the language of business

  • Develop a personal style that projects confidence and competence to your boss, clients, and colleagues

  • Handle the nuances of dating, emotions, and office politics

  • Understand the rigors and rules of business travel

  • Balance work and family

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